Every person deserves a safe, stable and affordable place to live. More than 45,000 families in Ottawa do not have housing they can afford. Ottawa is facing affordable housing crisis. Let's make affordable housing a priority in Budget 2019 by taking these easy steps.

Sign up here to speak at the Social Services Committee

Sign up here to speak at the Planning Committee

Attend an Affordable Housing Rally on Feb 6, 9 am, City Hall, Marion Dewar Plaza, Laurier entrance. (proceeding the release of the draft budget at 10 AM in the Council Chambers)
Note: with construction on Elgin, parking under City Hall fills quickly, take the bus or come early to find alternate parking, if needed.

The City of Ottawa is facing a $41 M deficit. This could mean cuts to important city services that we all depend upon, and others that address the needs of the most vulnerable in our community. The annual property tax increase has shrunk every year since 2011 (2.45% to 1.75%). This has meant a tighter budget each year amidst rising costs and financial pressures.